Sealing Wax Beads (100 Pack)

$12.05 each

Our wax beads are made of premium highly pigmented sealing wax pre cut into small 8mm octagonal tablets for your convenience. Each pack contains approximately 100 wax bead pieces (35g per bag).

Please choose your colour carefully and take note that there are two finishes available (matt & metallic). Check our visual guide to ensure you select a colour with the finish you prefer.

Each stamp takes typically 2-4 beads depending on your stamp size and the overall visual effect you wish to achieve. We recommend experimenting with the number of beads to achieve your preferred overall look.

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Your safety is important to us so please always take care when creating your wax seals as burns can happen easily when handling hot materials.

  • Please ensure that wax beads are kept out of reach from children as they are a choking hazard.
  • The wax burner plate can become extremely hot whilst in use so please be careful when handling. Do not touch the plate area until it has had time to cool down completely.
  • Wax spoons become extremely hot whilst in use, please do not touch the heated end while using, ensure it has time to cool down completely before handling/cleaning.

Additional information

Weight 35 g
Dimensions 6 × 7.5 cm

Apple J5, Aubergine F4?, Azure M14, Baby A1, Ballet E1, Banana C1, Bashful L4, Bermuda J4, Berry F1, Black H2, Black H2, Blossom A3, Blush L2, Brick E7, Bronze 01 G6, Bronze 02 G10, Bubblegum L3?, Burgundy E9, Cacao G12, Candy E6, Champagne G13, Cheer E2, Chiffon L1, Chilli K2, Chocolate P4, Cobalt K11, Concrete P3, Concrete P3, Coral E4, Currant L13, Daffodil C3, Damask L8, Fairyfloss K13, Fog B4, Fog B4, Fresh B2, Fuschia K10, Garnet E12, Gold 01 G5, Gold 02 G7, Gold 03 G8, Jade J10, Jinx H3, Lagoon K3, Lapiz M13, Lavender A4, Lemon C2, Lilac F3, Lime J6, Magenta E3, Mahogany H1, Mauve K8, Merlot E11, Midnight K12, Mint C4, Mulberry L12, Navy M15, Orchid F2, Pale Bronze G14, Peach I4, Periwinkle A5, Pigeon B5, Pine J8, Provence B6, Prussian M16, Regal F5, Retro L10, Rose A2, Rose Gold G9, Ruby L11, Scarlet E8, Sea Mist B1, Seal N7, Seashell K9, Silver G2, Silver G2, Smoke J11, Smoke J11, Steel P5, Steel P5, Sunshine L18, Taffy L9, Tangerine E5, Tango I5, Tea J2, Translucent D1, Turquoise J7, Twilight F9, Vamp L15, Vibrant L17, Violet F6, White D2, Wine E10, Wisteria A6, Zephyr B3


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