Our print finishes

Digital printing

Digital (CMYK) printing is our baseline option due to the fact that it’s cost effective and has the fastest turnaround time.

Our digital printing option offers endless colours that are sharp and vibrant which are printed on a super high-quality laser printer. When this print style is paired with our extensive range of luxury card stocks it allows us to create a stunning set of wedding stationery that is high-quality, budget friendly and quick.

Another bonus of this print style is that it allows for variable data, meaning personalisation of guest names is possible on things such as your invites, place cards, menus, etc – the possibilities are infinite.

Sample pictured: Muse A5 portrait invitation

White ink printing

White ink is the perfect counterpoint to create a premium look on our extensive selection coloured stocks. It provides a striking contrast on our darker card stocks that will make a huge impression while also being cost effective.

White ink printing works with variable data so guest names are possible and we can print white ink addresses onto our comprehensive collection of luxury euro-flap envelopes.

Sample pictured: Aureum A5 portrait invitation

Metallic foil printing

To add an extra layer of luxury, we offer a wide range of metallic foil colours to choose from. When combined with digital or white ink printing it can create a dazzling chic result.

This printing type is achieved when foil is stamped into the paper using heat and pressure, leaving a slight impression and a beautiful metallic shiny finish.

The flipside of this kind of printing is that variable data is not possible (for example, guest’s names personalised on each invite, place cards etc) due to the nature of the technique used to print foil.

Also, it should be noted that this printing style includes a single foil colour, however, it also includes white ink printing or unlimited additional CMYK ink colours using digital printing in the pricing displayed throughout our store.

Sample pictured: Nebulae A5 portrait invitation

Letterpress printing

Letterpress printing is one of the oldest and most traditional methods and has seen a huge surge in popularity in recent years to the point it is now the go-to printing technique for wedding invitations and luxury stationery.

The appeal of our letterpress stationery is illustrated in the opulence of the deep impressions into our lush 600GSM card stock, there’s a real tactile luxury to letterpress that no other printing method can imitate.

The flipside of the coin, though, is that variable data is not possible (think personalised invites or place cards etc) due to the nature of the technique and the online pricing covers one Pantone (PMS) specified ink for the letterpress component of the design. We can, however, upgrade your project to include a second letterpress ink colour or metallic foil embellishment for an additional fee – just let us know what you have in mind!

Sample pictured: Siempre A5 portrait invitation