We offer a wide range of additional custom enhancements that you can add to your invitation suites and wedding stationery to give you a one-of-a-kind look that will really make a statement.

Die cut shapes

Our die cut shapes look crisp, professional and consistent. They’re created using a technique similar in effect to cookie cutters where the shape of the die is pressed into your chosen stock to create a specific shaped finished product.

It’s a fantastic way to make your printed pieces stand out and offers a unique way to customise your event to really make a statement.  We can even create a custom die if you have a specific idea in mind.

Our die cut shapes are an enhancement that we offer by request, so if you’re interested in something like this for your event please get in touch with our friendly customer service team to get a quote!

Handmade paper

Our handmade paper stocks are individually made by hand from 100% recycled cotton rag and have a stunning rough edge finish that is wholly unique to this stock.

This stock is currently available in white only and it’s acid free, chlorine free, bleach free and archival.

Please note, there may be colour variations from batch to batch and whilst we do our best to ensure your order picked from the same colour batch, we cannot guarantee it is possible. Please order your entire job at the same time to minimise the possibility of batch variance. Size variation is +/- 5mm from sheet to sheet.

Edge foiling

Edge foiling is afantastic way to level up your printing. It gives a wonderfully smooth, shiny, reflective surface to the paper’s edges.

Edge foiling works best on thick stocks (think 500gsm or more) so you can really see that metallic edge. It only works on straight edges so, unfortunately, we can’t do it on die cut shapes, rounded corners or handmade paper edges.

We can currently offer a range of metallic colours such as gold, silver, rose gold, copper or black and there is a minimum order quantity of 100.

Blind letterpress printing

Blind letterpress creates a debossed impression in the card and is just letterpress without the use of any ink. The result is a tactile impression, without any colour.

We get the best impressions on softer stocks and best visibility using lighter shades, as the shadows help make the design stand out more but we are happy to discuss your ideas if you’re have something in mind so get in touch!


Embossing creates subtle tactile raised design without the use of any colour. The finished effect is a delicate and sophisticated invitation suite that raises the bar without trying.

We recommend using a mid-to-light paper colour so that the shadows of the embossing can help with legibility and please note that there is a minimum order quantity of 100.

Pockets and sleeves

Pocketfold or sleeve wedding invitations are an alternative to traditional wedding invitations that are ideal if you prefer an all-in-one organisation style to ensure every piece of your suite has its place.

A pocketfold invitation is a fold out invitation design that not only contains your main invitation card but also contains one or more pockets to hold the other items in your invitation suite (for example, the RSVP, information card and other details).

A sleeve is similar however everything pulls out of a single “sleeve” that holds the pieces together.